• Stanislas Wallut

    Stanislas Wallut4

    Why did we want to draw our attention to Stanislas Wallut?
    Simply because he is different. He is doing what he is good at and as we have already been able to taste on multiple occasions – he is doing it all right.

    Even if his name does not indicate it, Stanislas Wallut is French. He loves good food, wine and especially, his country. In 1993, together with his partner Philippe he acquired 8 ha Vineyards – the Domaine de Villeneuve, which resembles a small village, more than anything else.


    Biodynamic farming

    In 2003, because of health reasons, the two partners split up and Stanislas took over the Domaine on his own. The restructuring of the Domaine from conventional to purely bio dynamic farming, which was just a matter of time, began in 1998.

    Due to the usually hot and very dry climate in Chateauneuf du Pape it is quite hard to plant mixed sorts of vines simply because they cannot stand the climate. Nevertheless, Stanislas gave it a try and simultaneously planted some olive trees as well. While he processes the vines purely by hand, horses are taking care of the soil.


    Special treatment in the cellar

    The cellars of the Domaine de Villeneuve were completely renovated and a three story warehouse wasStanislas Wallut2 implemented in order to further reduce the usage of machinery. Due to its own weight, the grapes presses itself down which further ensures the gentle processing of the grape juices and makes the final produce even more authentic.


    Our conclusion:
    Stanislas Wallut produces wines with great elegance and nature which are hard to imitate. While a lot of other wines taste rather alcoholic and not very refreshing, the wines of Stanislas Wallut have again proven to be different.