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    Interview with Master-Chef Christian Bau, *** Michelin restaurant Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau


    Mr. Bau: you‘ve been Head Chef at your *** Michelin Restaurant Victor’s Fine Dining by Christian Bau since 1998. Where do you get your inspiration for new recipes?

    CB: Nature, produce and the seasons combine to offer a bounteous variety. Anyone who has sufficient curiosity and respect for all these has a big head start.


    In 2005 you became Germany’s youngest three-star chef at age 34. What significance did this distinction have for you, and has this changed over time?

    CB: The third star was certainly like an “Olympic Gold Medal“. All the same, each award conferred on us was and is important, and gives us added zest for the future.


    How would you characterise your own “BauStil“?

    CB: Multicultural, contemporary and lightweight.


    What idea lies behind your “Culinary Voyage“ concept?

    CB: I want to take guests on a culinary journey around the world.


    You’ve been able to travel professionally almost everywhere in the world. How do your guests see this on their dinner plate?

    CB: Our maxim: We want the world’s finest produce for our guests, therefore we don’t confine ourselves to one particular regional cuisine.


    Your culinary philosophy is heavily oriented towards Japanese fine-dining cuisine. What does Japanese cooking have that German cooking lacks?

    CB: Total dedication to freshness and quality, subtlety, purity, less is more.


    How has your opinion of the status of fine German cuisine in international comparisons changed over the past few years?

    CB: Gottlob has ‘emancipated‘ German cuisine, yet it still does not enjoy the international attention or status it merits.


    Your wife is front-of-house manager at your restaurant. Who is head chef in your kitchen at home?

    CB: Sadly I have to cook at home as well…


    What ingredients will one look for in vain in your kitchen?

    CB: Flavour-enhancers, ready-made meals, tins or frozen produce.


    Three ingredients for a perfect dinner…

    CB:  Outstanding produce, nice people who enjoy life, the right drink in the glass.


    What’s your own favourite dish?

    CB: A really good currywurst [curry sausage].


    What do you do in your leisure time?

    CB: I spend as much time as possible with my family.


    When you think of Munich, what comes to mind first?

    CB: Bayern Munich football club.