• La Grande Dame des vins

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    From the subtle aromas and nuances of a fine wine that differ from vintage year to year – to the exquisite taste of a tender filet steak – We love to enjoy and today we take you with us on a tour behind the scenes. Who is the person behind the delicacies we serve, the person that is never mentioned but without whom eating and drinking would just be never-thought-of actions?

    Today, we introduce to you a wine-grower who, in the midst of our culture of mass consumerism, celebrates individuality in her vineyard.

    Elisabetta Foradori is an incredible women who, grown up in the vineyards of her parents, fought against the Cabernet wave and set against it her own favorite: Teroldego – a type of grape that has nearly gone extinct with the industrialization of wine making.

    “I always heard that our own indigenous type of grape had formerly been a well renowned, almost legendary wine, […] with body and power and, coming with its maturity, the aroma and taste of a grand Bordeaux.”

    Together with her team, Elisabetta has chosen a bio-dynamical approach to wine-growing. Mass production and artificial additives will not be found in her products. She does this not only to keep the original aroma and taste of her wine but also as a sign of respect to nature.

    During one of his many journeys, our sommelier Markus Hirschler had the unique chance to meet this “Grande Dame” on her vineyard in Northern Italy in person.

    Because we at DÉLICE La Brasserie think that Elisabetta’s wines and her engagement for her native region are absolutely fantastic, we want to make sure that you get a chance to try them.

    On our menu you will for example find the great Cuvee Granato: dense, mineral but also fine and elegant with a delicious flavor and soft tannin.

    Try for yourself what Markus brought home from Northern Italy.















    More information about Elisabetta Foradori and her wines: http://www.elisabettaforadori.com