• Ask the Chef!

    In our section “Ask the Chef” we introduce you to our new Chef de Cuisine, Anton Gschwendtner.
    Find out more about his inspiration, his favorite dish and what is sexy about working in the DÉLICE kitchen.


    Dear Anton, our heartfelt best wishes and a warm welcome to the team! Will you reveal to us your recipe for success so far?

    Thank you very much!

    Success always begins with the roots and the basis. My family have always had an inn, so I grew up surrounded by the catering business. The kitchen was and always will be the centre of my life.


    You have already cooked in many kitchens and have been able to gain experience, yet now you have returned to Munich.
    What is the best in Munich and the region?

    The DÉLICE of course – what else!
    Here, I can make my dreams come true with my team and show the guests that Bavaria has more to offer than beautiful countryside and a love affair with beer.

    To achieve this, we also have top quality regional food, with which it is a joy to cook, such as asparagus, radishes and potatoes. And let’s not forget our own cultivated herb garden.


    What makes the cooking in the DÉLICE La Brasserie different?

    The DÉLICE cuisine is modern French. We are always on the search for exciting products. The ingredients are always the focus and they need to be simple – without too many bells and whistles. Our guests should be able to discover something new with us and become acquainted with new flavour combinations. There is a variety of styles in combination with the best ingredients – from across the world as well as throughout the region.

    In a nutshell: Young, dynamic and sexy!


    What exactly is sexy about your style of cooking?

    Other than the cooking…?!
    Joking apart, we cook without the classic side dishes and instead concentrate on the main product. “Stripped down to the essentials” is how one might put it.
    Add creative presentation to this and you have a sexy dish.


     The DÉLICE La Brasserie is very French. What does French cuisine mean for you?

    French cuisine is the precursor to sophisticated cooking. Therefore, it forms the very basis of gastronomy. For me, it is inseparable from a love for the products and ingredients and stands for first-class handiwork.


     In your opinion, what are the arguments for creativity?

    For me, creativity means being able to give your imagination full rein. The basic criterion is not simply the proverbial courage to take a broad view and discover how to show off new thing.
    It also includes, for example, a modern selection of ingredients and the courage to combine them. There is no ‘no can do’!


    Where do you get your ideas for new creations?

    I enjoy travelling in my spare time and allow myself to be inspired at the same time. But I also get ideas whenever I am eating with friends or talk to colleagues. The best inspirations are certainly spontaneous, as a rule.


    Where do you most enjoy travelling to?

    I am very interested in the countries of the north. They have focused on sustainability for a long time; back to the drawing board, one might say.

    But my next journey will certainly take me to the Benelux countries. Here, the concentration of good restaurants and hotels is enormously high and very interesting.

    As you can see, my travel objectives are almost always chosen according to my culinary taste.
    It is wonderful to bring back home the inspirations that accompany one when travelling and allow them to flow into and be absorbed into one’s own creations.


    Is there a role model for you in the kitchen?

    In general, I have to admit that my father is my role model.
    Even after 40 years running his own business, he is wholeheartedly devoted to it. He rises early every morning to get on with the preparations for the day. And this is always with the same love for his work, the products – and the family!


    What is your favourite dish right now? – To cook and to eat

    I simply love typically Bavarian home cooking for the family. Because it’s the trappings and the atmosphere of home life that count.
    If I’m eating alone, I am admittedly rather lazy… But then a genuine bread roll filled with liver sausage is simply wonderful!