• Antons recipes – tahiti vanilla & mango

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    Our Chef de Cuisine Anton Gschwendtner offers you an exclusive look into his private recipe book. How about trying this delicious dessert at home? It’s a great way to surprise your guests with something special!

    Anton Gschwendtner:
    “Even though I‘m not a friend of spirits, I like the combination of Rum and brandy for desserts. With flavors of vanilla and cinnamon “Sailor Jerry” is a perfect match for mango and olive oil – a little bit like holidays on your plate.”


    Recipe for 4 persons:

    2        Tahiti vanilla pods

    2        mangos (fully ripe)

    4        eggs

    50ml   of olive oil (virgin)

    80ml    Sailor Jerry Rum

    100ml cream

    80g     crème fraîche

    50g     sugar

    honey cress as garnish


    The mangos need to be peeled carefully. Take out the stone and then purée the fruit flesh very fine. Separate egg white and yolk and mix the mango purée with the egg yolk. Afterwards add Sailor Jerry Rum to your taste. Pour the mass into silicone baking forms, put them in the oven and let it set for 15 minutes at 100°C.

    Cut open the vanilla pod and carefully scrape out the pulp. Put the empty pods into olive oil at room temperature. The temperature is essential for the aroma.

    Mix the egg-yolk and sugar until it reaches a fine and creamy consistency. Whip the cream until stiff and then carefully mix it with egg and sugar mix. Then fill this mass into forms (e.g. cups) and put them in the freezer. When it’s frozen you have made a perfect Vanilla parfait!

    Whip the egg white with the second vanilla pod and sugar until it’s stiff and fill it into an icing bag. Turn out the parfait onto a plate, decorate it with the mango mass and carefully decorate the whole with the vanilla meringue in the icing bag. Drip a bit of the vanilla olive oil on top and decorate with honey cress.

    Bon Appétit!