• Sommelier Markus Hirschler

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    Get to know our 25 years old sommelier Markus Hirschler and find out his motto for the perfect wine menu. Be inspired by is pleasure in wines and discover with him the best vineyards.

    Bonjour Markus. Since April 2015 you are, as sommelier, a most important part of our DÉLICE La Brasserie Team. What brought you to Munich?

    Munich has a very good reputation in the international wine community. Having worked in London and the Caribbean it was very important to me to continue working on an internationally high level. So, the offer to work at the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost and its DÉLICE La Brasserie came at the perfect time.

    Your love for wine is obvious. What was it that made you choose to become a sommelier?

    While working as Chef de Rang in an Austrian 5-star-superior hotel I discovered this love and already did the first training to become a sommelier. The passion came when I was working in London. They trained me to become chef sommelier. There could have been no better idea.

    Which moments and persons marked your life especially?

    My 24-year-old Chef sommelier in London really showed me what being a sommelier means and that the community of wine lovers around the world is like a family.

    Do you have a favorite wine?

    Please… What wine lover can answer this question with a simple “yes”?

    What will we never find in a wine menu of yours?

    I focus on hand made products and producers that treat our nature respectfully. So, you will never find mass produce on any menu of mine.

    DVi_Sofitel_29_06_2015_072_editrWhat is essential to you when recommending a wine?

    Being called a sommelier does not mean being one. Not only knowledge and profit are important but also choosing the right wine for each single person and his or her chosen menu.

    Every wine menu bears the handwriting of the sommelier behind it. How would you describe our DÉLICE La Brasserie wine menu in three words?

    Young/ Freaky/ Demanding

    What would be your final square meal?

    My mother’s home cooking.

    If you would write your biography today, what would be the title?


    Dear Markus, we wish you all the best, a lot of fun and many culinary experiences at DÉLICE La Brasserie!

    This interview was held by Franziska Müller, Restaurant Manager DÉLICE  La Brasserie.