• Sofitel Wine Days with the vineyard Leitz


    Let yourself be enchanted by a 5 course menu at our second Wine Dinner on October 18th in the DÉLICE La Brasserie. In addition to maritime delicacies such as marinated salmon, pikeperch or scallops, we serve wines from the vineyard Leitz. Its history dates back to the 18th century.
    After welcoming you with an aperitif together with vintner Jan Schmidt, he will accompany you through the evening.

    5 course menu

    Price: 109€ including wine and aperitif

    marinated salmon | sauerkraut |capers
    ravioli | mozzarella | rocket | pine nuts
    pikeperch | peas | grapefruit
    scallops | passion fruit | bresaola | passepiere
    cherries | Valrohna Orelys chocolate | coffee


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