• Saffron Tagliatelle served with morel

    Gericht Tom

    Our Junior Sous Chef Tom Tschierschke shares one of his delicious recipes with you:

    Tagliatelle for 5 people:

    500 g flour (type 405)

    5 eggs

    5 spoons olive oil extra virgin

    1 g grounded saffron



    Morel Sauce

    300 ml chicken bouillon

    15 big morels

    8 cl cognac

    5 shallots

    5 dried tomatoes

    2 spoons butter


    Mix the ingredients for the pasta until you get a smooth dough. Best way to do so is by hand. The dough has to rest for around two hours, afterwards you can roll it out and cut the tagliatelle.

    For the sauce you need to wash the morels and the shallots. Afterwards you peel the shallots and cut them in stripes. Soar them in foaming butter. As soon as the butter turns brown, deglaze the ingredients with cognac and add the chicken bouillon. Cook the sauce for five more minutes and then add the dried tomatoes followed with a portion of cold butter. Season with salt and pepper.

    Put the sauce aside and cooking the noodles, you will need around 1 L of water for 100 g noodles. Do not rinse the noodles in cold water and add them straight into the sauce.


    Tips and tricks

    Instead of morels you can use chanterelle or other mushrooms.

    Vegetarians can use a cream or vegtable boullion instead of chicken bouillon.