• Chef’s recipe – Pan seared Diver Scallops


    Our Executive Chef, Andreas Donnerbauer is revealing his recipes again for you.

    Try this wonderful recipe for pan seared diver scallops at home.

    Enjoy a culinary adventure featuring compelling blends of international and local culinary traditions as well as a magnifique boost to ahealthy lifestyle.
    Diver scallops make for a great meal because of their very high protein content, essential micronutrients and low fat count.
    All of the ingredients in this recipe blend together to form a delicious meal with French << Savoir Vivre>>.



    4 pc diver scallops             4 pc cherry tomatoes
    100g cauliflower                20g double cream
    80g chorizo sausage        1 punnet micro greens
    10 ml olive oil                      salt & pepper



    1.       Clean the scallops and place them on a kitchen towel to dry. Keep refrigerated until needed.

    2.       Cook the cauliflower until soft, and then strain the water and place in a food blender with the double cream and season to taste.  Blend until smooth.

    3.       Cut four squares out of the chorizo sausage and use the rest to retrieve the oil from the sausage by heating the cut offs until all the fat has come out.  Cook on medium heat.

    4.       Marinate the cherry tomatoes and dry in the oven for 3 hours until most of the moisture has come out.

    5.       Sear the scallops on high heat on both sides until caramelized.

    6.       On a plate, make four little dots with the cauliflower puree and place the scallops on them.
    Then plate the tomatoes and the fried chorizo and decorate with the oil and the micro greens.