• Bioteaque tea

    bioteaque teaBioteaque Tee in the DÉLICE La Brasserie

    Imagine you are walking barefoot over mountain pastures covered by the morning dew and breathing in the fresh and healthy air of the mountains. Think of the incredible panorama from the peak of our beautiful alpine country.
    Now you can see before your eyes, where we obtain our tea from.

    With Bioteaque tea we have found a partner, who emphasizes on quality of life, pleasure and nature associated – just as we do – with regional origin and quality.
    Bioteaque tea combines highest quality organic teas with alpine lifestyle and a pinch of humor. All tea blends are subject to strict control in accordance with the EC Eco-Regulation (BIO certificate) and are handled in the Chiemgau region.

    Take a moment of time, enjoy the pleasant warmth of a cup of tea and experience the treasures of nature.

    There is no country and no continent on earth where tea is not drunk.