• Asparagus Season


    Variations of asparagus

    Enjoy delicious asparagus specialties at the DÉLICE La Brasserie.

    Whether traditionally with Sauce Hollandaise and parsley potatoes, classical as soup or grilled with cured roast beef; choose your favorite and savor the beginning of the early summer season!


    Green Asparagus | Scallops | Bayonne Ham | Strawberry                          18,00 €



    Grilled Asparagus | Cured Roast beef | Mushrooms                                       16,00 €



    Asparagus – Risotto | Hazelnut | Pistou                                                               16,00 €



    Asparagus – Soup | Crispy Asparagus Bread                                                       12,00 €



    Tomato – Bread Salad | Basil | Lime – Asparagus Vinaigrette                     12,00 €



     Portion of Schrobenhausener Asparagus 250g



    Sauce Hollandaise or melt butter | Parsley Potatoes                                      22,00 €



    Grilled Salmon                                                                                                                     16,00 €



    Beef filet 100gr.                                                                                                                    21,00 €



    Bayonne Ham                                                                                                                         7,00 €


    Good to know: The delicious asparagus is quite good for body and soul. The popular vegetable consists of 93% water and contains a lot of potassium, vitamins and minerals. So it´s good for a dehydration of the body, it supports the oxygen transport and it cleans the blood-/and kidney system. It is a great all-rounder, isn´t it?